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5 minute relaxation

quick relaxation technique - calming stonesquick relaxation technique

Enjoy the feeling of peace, relaxation and letting go.

Life is stressful  fast and furious. Let AppZaps teach you a method of relaxation which will allow you to feel relaxed, peaceful and calm.

AppZaps are a very inexpensive and non time consuming digital downloads to be listened to in comfort and privacy on your mp3 player or computer.You will learn to retrain your mind.

The zap downloads have been put together by 4 highly qualified psychotherapists with many years experience. They have put that wealth of knowledge into a format that can be accessed by all to help change things for the better. This one will teach you a quick relaxation technique.

Now you are equipped to enjoy the feeling of letting go.

Now you know how easy, inexpensive, private and professional AppZaps are, take that first step by download an AppZap. There really is no reason not to.

Use this AppZap to show you  a quick relaxation technique.

5 minute relaxation mp3 – 5.43 min