don't let your life be defined by fear, anxiety or stress.
Improve the quality of your life

enhancing performance

Could you achieve more than you are at present, in some or all aspects of your life? Could you be a better tennis player, musician, parent, are you nervous when facing exams or a driving test? Do you know that public speaking is the most common phobia?

Some of the following AppZaps are designed to help you in specific situations, such as public speaking or sharing challenging news. Others, like increasing self-confidence or learning a new skill can help enhance your life generally.

We often put off challenging ourselves through fear that we will not measure up to the task, so we miss out on the joys and satisfaction of success. AppZaps can help give you that confidence.

It is useful to listen to the AppZaps several times to boost their effects. And while you are using the AppZaps, be curious to see how your feelings, motivation or thoughts are changing for the better.