don't let your life be defined by fear, anxiety or stress.
Improve the quality of your life


Do you find it hard to relax or are you experiencing a stressful time? Do you get irritable, more prone to anger than you should be, do you find it hard to make decisions, are you sleeping badly?

These relaxation AppZaps are designed to help you relax deeply, quickly and easily.

As well as it being essential to have some down time, there are many health benefits to be had from a regular relaxation practice. And it’s pleasant!

Relaxing will help you get some spare capacity so you can think more clearly, make better decisions, feel more in control of yourself.

We are offering a range of relaxation AppZaps. Some are short, so you can use them if you only have a few minutes to spare, others longer for a deeper experience. One includes some stories, which absorb the imagination and help worry to switch off.