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What are AppZaps?

AppZaps are inexpensive recordings, between 5 and 30 minutes long, which relax you and focus your attention in a way that will help you improve various aspects of your life

They are brain-training that help overcome negative patterns and enhance the body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing

Zaps are an ancient technique which is now being increasingly recognised in mainstream medicine and therapy as being extremely effective

Our experience as qualified psychotherapists over many years in practice is that these targeted interventions, especially when recorded for repeated use, are very effective in facilitating beneficial and sustained change

They are pleasant, effortless and relaxing.

How to use AppZaps

They are available through the website or as downloads on phones and tablets

They can be listened to at home or on the bus, sitting in the park or on the beach

They must never be listened to while driving or operating machinery

It is advisable to listen to your chosen AppZap repeatedly for best results

To enhance the effects, notice when the desired changes occur in yourself and build on these.

AppZap downloads help relieve phobias, fears, anxiety and stress plus assist with self-improvement and relaxing your mind.

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