about us

brenda bingham-hall

Brenda Bingham-HallThe experience I bring to AppZaps is 25 years as a fully-trained therapist, much of it working with young people. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am delighted to have found a way of sharing my experience with a wide audience.

I have a degree and a teaching certificate as well as diplomas in couples counselling, CBT and the Human Givens.

caroline smith

Caroline SmithMy background is in commerce and industry. I became interested in psychology about 30 years ago and hold diplomas in Humanistic Psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy and the Human Givens.

I combine a private therapy practice with spending time with friends and family.

angela emmerson

Angela EmmersonI have many years’ experience working in the childcare services industry, I have qualifications in childcare, education and person centered counselling. I am a Human Givens trained therapist and combine my love of working with individuals, couples and families to affect change and support happy relationships in my busy private practice, with my love of education by working with individuals with special needs in a school setting. Through AppZaps I feel I have found an opportunity to share my knowledge to benefit and help many more people who may be needing support.

cliff emmerson

Cliff EmmersonAfter completing 22 years in the British Army ending my career in a welfare role I bring a wealth of knowledge about family relationships and trauma to AppZaps. I have devised my own parenting programme and provide therapeutic interventions to individuals, couples and families through my private practice. I also regularly provide training to various organisations, charities and businesses in Suffolk.

human givens

The Human Givens approach to emotional wellbeing leads to an understanding that the way we use our imagination is central to the way we feel. Research by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell highlights our human needs and the importance of their being well met as the core conditions for emotional health and stability.

To see what these needs are and how well they are being met in your life, go to the Emotional Needs audit page on the Human Givens Institute website:  www.enaproject.org

The other significant cause of emotional distress is trauma in its many guises. This is not necessarily only major events such as an accident or a bereavement, it could be something seemingly innocuous that has alarmed the survival mechanism in the brain.

If you feel that you are suffering from trauma, please go to the Human Givens website ( www.hgi.org.uk ) to find a local therapist.

You will also find a comprehensive list of books and CDs on www.humangivens.com/onlineshop.

What we have done with these AppZaps is to help you use your imagination more positively.